Salary Transparency

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My Personal Salary Transparency

In an effort to not bury the lede, I want to start by noting that my personal salary history is now publicly available on this site.

I have made this step in an effort to help lead the way among those who wish to share, compare, or research salaries in my field. I feel that this is a necessary step in order to de-mystify the compensation culture in the US workplace.


Over the years, I have faced situations that would have been alleviated by pay transparency:

While discussing my thoughts and sharing facts and data with those I have encountered during these situations, my experience is a single data point in a sea of employees.

Equitable compensation will only continue to occur if we all shake off the awkwardness of discussing salaries and be honest about our experiences.

Why Now?

For years, I have been thinking about ways to publish my salary data transparently online but I never landed on a good format or delivery method. After stumbling on Xe's salary transparency page, I decided to simply mimic that approach for now.

I may alter my design in the future and include more details or visualizations reflecting cost of living, but I like the way it sits right now.