This page contains meta information about this website.



My writing style is a reflection of my true writing style; I always write what I think and rarely edit anything, aside from minor grammatical errors.


I tend to favor minimalistic designs with a heavy emphasis on utility. If something does not serve a purpose, I likely do not want it on my website. Some people love this, some hate it. Either way, it's what I prefer.

As a result, I tend to use fewer images now. Older articles will have more images for descriptive purposes.


I edit all files with nano and use minify to minify CSS like so:

minify -o static/styles.min.css static/styles.css

This website utilizes the Zola static site generator, which requires the Rust language. Internally, Zola uses Tera for templating and implements written content in CommonMark.

At the server level, this website runs uses the Nginx web server on Ubuntu.


The server running this website is a custom-built, rack-mounted server that you can read about here.