Salary Transparency Data

What is This?

This page contains all information about my jobs and salaries for every job I've held in my life. I have found a handful of questionable pay discrepancies throughout my career and would like to be transparent about my salary data online the same way I am in-person with my colleagues.

Note that I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and have obtained a handful of certifications throughout the jobs listed below (e.g., CISA).

While salary can change depending on education, certifications, experience, and accomplishments on the job, salaries should not have a stark, surprising difference for multiple persons within the same role.

Salary Data1

Community Management InternLincoln, NE2017$14/hr
Teaching AssistantLincoln, NE2017$9/hr
Internal Audit InternLincoln, NE2018$16/hr
IS Auditor ILincoln, NE2019$20/hr
IS Auditor IILincoln, NE2019$58000
IT AuditorLincoln, NE2020$65000
Senior IT AuditorLincoln, NE2021$72000
Technology Risk Consulting SeniorDes Moines, IA2021$89500
Senior Auditor, Technology AssuranceOmaha, NE2022$110000



You can find the CSV data here.


Data does not include bonuses, benefits, or other compensation.