Things I Use

The sections below are a moderately updated listing of the various machines and software I frequently use.


I'm lucky enough to be able to financially support a few open source products and communities that are very important to me:


I'm limiting myself to a short software list for brevity - I utilize many more programs than the ones listed below.

Note that I currently run Fedora Linux (i3wm) on my laptop, Alpine Linux on my servers, and GrapheneOS on my phone.

(Listed in alphabetical order.)



As of June 2022, I am now using a Lenovo Thinkpad E15 Gen 4 (15") with the following configuration:

For the 1-2 years prior to this, I was using a 2019 Intel-based Macbook Pro (16"). Prior to the Macbook, I used a ASUS X751L (17") laptop for 5-ish years.


My server rack contains the following hardware:

I'd love to replace my tower PC with a proper 2U server so that I can also add in a patch panel to organize my ethernet cords. However, I'm not sure what specs I want in the server and thus, I am hesitant to purchase anything that may not be ideal.