Things I Use

The sections below are a moderately updated listing of the various machines and software I frequently use.


I'm lucky enough to be able to financially support a few open source products and communities that are very important to me:



Model:         ThinkPad E15
OS:            Fedora Workstation
Shell:         zsh
WM:            i3
Editor:        nano
Terminal:      alacritty
Browser:       Firefox
Add-ons:       [uBlock Origin, Bitwarden, LibRedirect, Dark Reader]
Search_Engine: SearXNG
Feed_Reader:   TinyTinyRSS
Email:         Thunderbird
VPN:           Mullvad
Messenger:     [Gomuks, Signal]


Model:         iPhone 14 Pro Max
OS:            iOS
Editor:        Runestone
Browser:       Safari
Add-ons:       [Adguard, Dark Reader, Privacy Redirect]
Search_Engine: SearXNG
Feed_Reader:   Fiery Feeds
Email:         [Mail, PGPro]
VPN:           Mullvad
Messenger:     [Element, Signal]
MFA:           OTP Auth



As of June 2022, I am now using a Lenovo Thinkpad E15 Gen 4 (15") with the following configuration:

For the 1-2 years prior to this, I was using a 2019 Intel-based Macbook Pro (16"). Prior to the Macbook, I used a ASUS X751L (17") laptop for 5-ish years.


My server rack contains the following hardware: