The term minimalism is also used to describe a trend in design and architecture, wherein the subject is reduced to its necessary elements.

I have always tried to make minimalism my personal ethos, as it continuously brings me peace whenever I can reduce my life to the necessities. Further, where items are required, they must be organized and tidy.

Physical Items

The key to minimalism in my physical life revolves around a focused mindset and constant curation of the items in my life. All items should serve a purpose. Those that do not serve a purpose should be removed.

While I don't think every item needs to "bring you joy", each item should have a use. The difficult part is when the use case for an item is purely emotional, such as items that serve no purpose other than nostalgia. E.g., a carnival prize you won as child during your only visit ever to a carnival.

My personal rule is that if an item is purely for emotional benefit, it must bring enough happiness to overrule and discomfort I have with the extra item lying around.

Digital Garden

For most people, the digital world is a place where you can hoard as much as possible with no restraint, as these items don't hold physical space in your home. I disagree. Your digital life should be a garden, carefully curated for your needs.

Treat your digital world, such as your mobile phone, computers, social media, etc. as a representative form of art about yourself. Don't let things become overgrown or age with disuse.

Personally, I perform the following curation activities constantly to ensure that my digital garden is maintained and beneficial: