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How to Remove the Login Manager from Fedora i3

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Fedora i3's Login Manager

Since I use the i3 spin of Fedora Workstation, I don't like to have a login manager installed by default. As of the current version of Fedora i3, the default login manager is LightDM.

If this is no longer the case, you can search for currently-installed packages with the following command and see if you can identify a different login manager.

sudo dnf list installed

Removing the Login Manager

In order to remove the login manager, simply uninstall the package.

sudo dnf remove lightdm

Launching i3 Manually

In order to launch i3 manually, you need to set up your X session properly. To start, create or edit the ~/.xinitrc file to include the following at the bottom.

exec i3

Now, whenever you log in to the TTY, you can launch your desktop with the following command.