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Useful SQL Scripts for Auditing Logical Access
GitWeb via Nginx
Agile Auditing: An Introduction
How to Fix Plex Error: 'Conversion failed. The transcoder failed to start up.'
Enabling LAN Access in Mullvad Wireguard Conf Files
Self Hosting Voyager - A Lemmy Web Client
Getting Started with Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage
Self-Hosting Convos IRC Web Client
Cheatsheet: Review Audit Test Results
Block IP Addresses and Subnets with Unifi Network Firewall
Inspecting Nginx Logs with GoAccess and MaxMind GeoIP Data
Self-Hosting Baïkal Server (CalDAV & CardDAV)
Exploring the Hare Programming Language
Self-Hosting Wger Workout Manager
Connecting to a Random Mullvad Wireguard Host
Running Flatpak Apps with Symlinks
Remove the Login Manager from Fedora i3
How to Easily Mass Unlike Tumblr Posts With Javascript
Recent Website Changes


Alpine Linux as a Desktop OS
Simple Terminal
Redirect Nginx Subdomains & Trailing Content with Regex
Enable GZIP Compression on Nginx
Creating a Referrer Ban List on Nginx
Building a Custom Rack-Mount Server
Fixing Permission Errors in /var/lib/nginx
Self-Hosting Matrix Synapse on Alpine Linux
How to Disable or Change the Display Manager on Void Linux
Alpine Linux: My New Server OS
Syncthing: A Minimal Self-Hosted Cloud Storage Solution
How to Mount an MTP Mobile Device on Linux
Installing Graphene OS on the Pixel 6 Pro
Serenity OS: Testing Out a Unique System
Concerning Changes on
Upgrade Bash with Bash-It &
Recursive Command-Line FLAC to Opus Conversion
CurseRadio: Listening to the Radio on the Command Line
GNU Privacy Guard (GPG)
Self-Hosting a Personal Git Server
Rebooting My Love Affair with Linux
Daily Plaintext Poetry via Email
A Terminal Lifestyle
Self-Hosting FreshRSS
Dynamic DNS with Njalla API
Ditching Cloudflare for Njalla
PineTime: An Open-Source SmartWatch
Set-Up a Reverse Proxy with Nginx
Enable TOTP MFA for SSH
Hardening a Public-Facing Home Server
Dynamic DNS with Cloudflare API
Installing Nextcloud on Ubuntu
Migrating Plex to New Server (+ Nvidia Transcoding)
Maintaining a Personal Financial Database
Easy, Reliable Note-Taking
Caching Static Content with Nginx
Stripping Image Metadata with exiftool
Migrating to a New Web Server Setup with Debian, Nginx, and Agate
Leaving Office-Based Work In the Past


I Passed the CISA!
Apache Redirect HTML Files to a Directory
Audit Sampling with Python
How to Delete All GitLab Repositories
Changing Git Authors
Jumping Back Into Photography
Roll Your Own Static Commenting System in PHP
Hosting a Gemini Server
How to Set Up a VPS Web Server
Launching a Gemini Capsule
Vaporwave vs Outrun
How to Clone All Repositories from a GitHub or Sourcehut Account
macOS: Testing Out A New OS
Secure Your Network with the Uncomplicated Firewall
A Simple Guide to the Fediverse
SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell


Zork: Let's Explore a Classic
Neon Drive: A Nostalgic 80s Arcade Racing Game
Redesigning My Website: The 5 KB Result
On the Pursuit of Mediocrity
Data Visualization: World Choropleth Map of Happiness
What is Internal Audit?
IBM Watson Visual Recognition
PHP Authentication Flow
Redirect GitHub Pages from Subdomain to the Top-Level Domain
Algorithmically Analyzing Local Businesses
Data Exploration: Video Game Sales
Beginner's Guide: Customizing Ubuntu
An Inside Look at My Homelab
Session Private Messenger
Cryptography Basics
Linux Gaming Tweak: Steam on NTFS Drives
Linux Software


Password Security
The Ansoff Matrix
Data Analysis in Auditing
Useful CSS Snippets


AES Encryption
The C++ Compiler