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  Exploring the Hare Programming Language
  Self-Hosting Wger Workout Manager
  Connecting to a Random Mullvad Wireguard Host
  Running Flatpak Apps with Symlinks
  Remove the Login Manager from Fedora i3
  A New Year: 2023
  How to Easily Mass Unlike Tumblr Posts With Javascript
  Recent Website Changes


  Alpine Linux as a Desktop OS
  Simple Terminal
  Redirect Nginx Subdomains & Trailing Content with Regex
  Enable GZIP Compression on Nginx
  Creating a Referrer Blacklist on Nginx
  Building a Custom Rack-Mount Server
  Fixing Permission Errors in /var/lib/nginx
  Self-Hosting Matrix Synapse on Alpine Linux
  How to Disable or Change the Display Manager on Void Linux
  Alpine Linux: My New Server OS
  Syncthing: A Minimal Self-Hosted Cloud Storage Solution
  How to Mount an MTP Mobile Device on Linux
  Installing Graphene OS on the Pixel 6 Pro
  Serenity OS: Testing Out a Unique System
  Concerning Changes on
  Salary Transparency
  Upgrade Bash with Bash-It &
  Recursive Command-Line FLAC to Opus Conversion
  CurseRadio: Listening to the Radio on the Command Line
  GNU Privacy Guard (GPG)
  Self-Hosting a Personal Git Server
  Rebooting My Love Affair with Linux
  Daily Plaintext Poetry via Email
  A Terminal Lifestyle
  Open-Source macOS Apps
  Self-Hosting FreshRSS
  Dynamic DNS with Njalla API
  Ditching Cloudflare for Njalla
  Status Update
  PineTime: An Open-Source SmartWatch
  Securing Self-Hosted Apps with Cloudflare Tunnel
  Set-Up a Reverse Proxy with Nginx
  Enable TOTP MFA for SSH
  Hardening a Public-Facing Home Server
  Dynamic DNS with Cloudflare API
  Installing Nextcloud on Ubuntu
  Migrating Plex to New Server (+ Nvidia Transcoding)
  Maintaining a Personal Financial Database
  Easy, Reliable Note-Taking
  Caching Static Content with Nginx
  Stripping Image Metadata with exiftool
  Migrating to a New Web Server Setup with Debian, Nginx, and Agate
  Most Corporate Security is Trash
  Leaving Office-Based Work In the Past
  A New Year: 2022


  I Passed the CISA!
  Apache Redirect HTML Files to a Directory
  Audit Sampling with Python
  How to Delete All GitLab Repositories
  Changing Git Authors
  Jumping Back Into Photography
  Roll Your Own Static Commenting System in PHP
  Hosting a Gemini Server
  How to Set Up a VPS Web Server
  Launching a Gemini Capsule
  Vaporwave vs Outrun
  How to Clone All Repositories from a GitHub or Sourcehut Account
  macOS: Testing Out A New OS
  Secure Your Network with the Uncomplicated Firewall
  A Simple Guide to the Fediverse
  SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell


  Zork: Let's Explore a Classic
  Neon Drive: A Nostalgic 80s Arcade Racing Game
  Redesigning My Website: The 5 KB Result
  On the Pursuit of Mediocrity
  Data Visualization: World Choropleth Map of Happiness
  What is Internal Audit?
  IBM Watson Visual Recognition
  PHP Authentication Flow
  Redirect GitHub Pages from Subdomain to the Top-Level Domain
  Algorithmically Analyzing Local Businesses
  Data Exploration: Video Game Sales
  Beginner's Guide: Customizing Ubuntu
  An Inside Look at My Homelab
  Session Private Messenger
  Cryptography Basics
  Linux Gaming Tweak: Steam on NTFS Drives
  Linux Software


  Password Security
  The Ansoff Matrix
  Data Analysis in Auditing
  Useful CSS Snippets


  AES Encryption
  The C++ Compiler