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Tuesday, Twosday

I'm taking a break from my usual technology-related posts and writing about something a little more enjoyable today.

Today is Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022. Today is 02-22-2022. Today is Twosday.

Let's look at everything that fell in place today:

  1. Written in the m-dd-yy or dd-m-yy formats, today is 2-22-22 or 22-2-22, which is a neat little palindrome in either format. (The last ubiquitous six-digit palindrome was 1-11-11.)
  2. Today is Tuesday, which is why everyone is using the nickname Twosday to call out these similarities.
  3. Falling on Tuesday means today is the 2nd day of the week (for most cultures. For the US, it's the 3rd day of the week since we start on Sunday).
  4. The only culture I could find with a connection to a 2 is that some Slavic languages derived their version of Tuesday from the Old Church Slavonic word въторъ, meaning "the second."
  5. Written in the classic monospaced, digital font (think of digital clocks from the 80s/90s), there is nice symmetry to the numbers (view the image here!).
  6. This one isn't naturally-occurring, but it seems people around the world are celebrating the day. For example, a group is putting together a wedding of 222 couples at the California State Capitol in Sacramento, concluding at exactly 2:22 PM. These couples will record their marriage dates as 2-22-22 2:22 PM. Tickets were on sale for $222.22.