Recent Website Changes

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The State of This Website

Over the years, this website has changed URLs, styles, content focus, and much more. However, it seems that I am never done, as I am yet again changing this page to fit my current needs and wants.

While this site was already minimal (~12kb), it contained a lot of disorganized content and some poorly chosen color schemes.

The recent updates attempt to fix these items while focusing on what I truly care about here: the content within each page.

Recent Changes

I've made quite a few changes to the style of this website today, both in the CSS and in the HTML. You can see the git changelog for more information.

Here are some of the key takeaways from today's changes:

  1. Reduce the width of the website from 60em to 40em.
  2. Remove breadcrumb navigation and replaced with a simple "Return Home" link when visiting anything other than the homepage.
  3. Remove syntax highlighting from code blocks. CSS now loads from a single file.
  4. Move blog posts on home page to the top, pushing tertiary content down.
  5. Update font-family from monospace to sans-serif for readability.

Future Focus


My main focus amidst all of the changes this past year was accessibility. I tried to improve accessibility of all pages on this site as best as I know how. For example, I added aria labels to identify different navigation menus in November.

I want to continue this in 2023 and learn more about the accessibility features I can utilize to help those who may need them.

Content First

Beyond accessibility, I am making a concerted effort to bring the content of this site to the forefront and push the tertiary information (e.g., About Me, Services, etc.) down below the content.

Further, I want to review and edit previous blog posts for grammar, accuracy, dead links, and more. Where necessary, I may even add a blurb at the top of old posts that are no longer accurate or helpful.


As always, I will be searching for ways to reduce distractions and bring a minimalistic approach to this site. While there are certainly more drastic measures I could take, such as making this a Shinobi Website or a No CSS Website, I prefer to keep some modern features here.

Two ideas have been floating around in my head, but I am not sure how I feel about these approaches yet:

  1. Going all-in with Emacs org-mode and creating a script to auto-publish all my blog posts from org-mode to plain HTML files and then letting my CSS style it after the fact.
  2. Focus on publishing for Gemini or Gopher and then utilize a conversion program to translate the pages to HTML.

Looking Back

As I sit here and finalize the changes, as well as this post, I am happy with the current state of this website. It's certainly a long way from my first attempts (parallax background images, anyone?) and it's good to see the progress.

I can only hope and work hard to ensure that I make more meaningful progress by this time next year.