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Salary Transparency

The data below details the base salary information for each job I've held. This information is posted publicly to ensure others in my position have a solid reference point when determining if their current or proposed salary is appropriate.

While sites like Glassdoor are locking salary data behind a paywall, LinkedIn is discontinuing LinkedIn Salary, and helpful websites like Big 4 Transparency are extremely rare, I wanted to provide my personal data publicly and freely to those who need it.

I have seen what can happen when great employees don't know the market values for their skills and I happily help those in my teams, so I'm happy to extend this information to the online community.

As a final note, there are numerous reasons that people in the same role are paid differently (expertise, years of experience, certifications, education, etc.) and that the data in this table should only be used as a single point of reference, not the whole story.

Salary Data

Note: When in a role that gives periodic raises, I will create a new record with the new base salary in the table below. See the KPMG records for an example of a raise while in the same role.

Senior Associate, Technology Assurance - AuditKPMGOmaha, NE2023-10Current$116,700
Senior Associate, Technology Assurance - AuditKPMGOmaha, NE2022-062023-10$110,000
Senior Technology Risk ConsultantErnst & YoungDes Moines, IA2021-092022-06$89,500
Senior IT AuditorAmeritasLincoln, NE2021-052021-09$72,000
IT AuditorAmeritasLincoln, NE2020-042021-05$65,000
IS Auditor IINelnetLincoln, NE2019-122020-04$58,000
IS Auditor INelnetLincoln, NE2019-062019-12$20/hour
Internal Audit InternAmeritasLincoln, NE2018-022019-06$16/hour
Teaching AssistantUniversity of NebraskaLincoln, NE2017-082018-05$7/hour
Community Management InternWalgreensLincoln, NE2017-062018-02$14/hour

Salary Visualization

See the graph below for a visualization of each job's salary over time, as well as percentage increases or decreases between jobs.

Salary Visualization

This page was inspired by Xe, and I'm quoting the following wording from them as I want to reiterate this piece:

Please consider publishing your salary data like this as well. By open, voluntary transparency we can help to end stigmas around discussing pay and help ensure that the next generations of people in tech are treated fairly. Stigmas thrive in darkness but die in the light of day. You can help end the stigma by playing your cards out in the open like this.